Writing multiple drafts

March 19, 2011 at 1:27 pm (Uncategorized)

Writing is a whole process that involves planning, pre writing, revising, editing. Therefore, there are some activities to support each one of these stages. Making a draft for example helps with the pre writing activity.

Once you have thought and organized your ideas you may start writing them as a first trial. I feel like I have a new challenge each time I have to make a new draft. If I had mistakes as a first step I have to correct them.

Afterwards comes the hardest part because you have to see if the draft is accurate enough to transmit the idea you wanted to transmit. I totally recommend using this technique because we develop the skill of revising ourselves in order to make fewer mistakes in further writing tasks.



  1. Al said,

    Yeah I guess writing takes a little bit more work than many of us thought it did, it´s actually a very structured, straight forward algorithm.

    • juannitto said,

      I know! Even though we don’t have to make calculations, we do have to think a lot. Sometimes I find it even more difficult than studying for Math. Let me tell you I’m really bad at Math.

  2. I can do this said,

    Juan, do you really feel this way? I’ll be perfectly honest. Although I know that I control my writing the best through the process, I often feel limitations by having to go back and do it again. I just want to be able to produce something lovely without having to put in the work.

    How do you feel, I am really? Although the writing process is a great tool for us, it is so different than what you are accustomed to, isn’t it? Ellen

    • juannitto said,

      It is tottally different. So far I’ve learnt so many thing and so many styles to write that I used to ignore before this course. Everythin for me was about bein logical, but I didn’t used to pay attention to the sentence structures and linking words that much. On the other hand, corrections are for eternity and I feel desperated sometimes that I feel I’m not gonna ever finis learning.

  3. analejandraleal said,

    Writing is a whole process and of course every time you write you learn something more!!!
    See You

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