Morelia Nowadays

May 31, 2011 at 4:44 pm (Uncategorized)

Tourism in Morelia has fallen from an 80% to 60% nowadays. Hence every single tourist planning his or her vacation shouldn’t be frightened of Morelia; instead, they shouldn’t miss the chance to visit. Socially, economically, and politically, people considered Morelia a safe place to live 5 years ago. However, crime groups have recently threatened the illusion of safety in Morelia, making people think twice before traveling downtown in the city. In fact, 20 individuals disappeared when they were going Michoacán from Acapulco. In addition to corruption, businesses are now subject to mafia demands as well as unfair governmental practices. Previously, tourism had raised lots of capital for Morelia but nowadays tourism has fallen due to the feeling of a lack of security.

First of all, the alleged drug war has come to create one of the most worrying problems in Morelia: social insecurity. Before the beginning of this so called war, we lived in an apparent peacefulness, we didn’t have big problems to bemoan of; people could walk along the streets or visit different places every day without worrying. For instance, the bomb disaster which occurred 3 years ago, where many innocent individuals were harmed has stopped many people from attending large social gatherings, including soccer games, concerts and rodeos. This is reason why Morelians started to think twice before heading to a crowded place.

Furthermore, several social aspects originated as a consequence of insecurity, such as psychological problems, crime, emigration dialectics, traditions affectation, familiar insecurity, extortion, authority, abuses, and a decrease of tourism. Nevertheless, in spite of the problems, we can describe Morelia as one of Mexico’s most endearing cities, restful and clean; with wide boulevards, lovely squares, and shady parks. This wonderful city is also the educational, cultural and political center of the state.

Economically, people in Morelia work mainly either by providing services, providing entertainment for visitors, or in small businesses such as PyMEs. Unfortunately, sundry stores in Morelia are subject to mafia practices like the fee asked to renowned businesses, leading even to the end of the smaller businesses if they can’t afford paying for this kind of special “protection.” On the other hand, tourists can visit a variety of sites in Morelia, such as museums, temples, and the zoo, which is one of the biggest and best taken care of in Latin America. In support of this, the foremost reason to visit Morelia is to admire the world heritage baroque style of the buildings; as old as if we had lived in the original Valladolid, the name of Morelia before being called by its more modern term. As a matter of fact, in spite of the decrease of tourism in Morelia, many students are eager to visit Morelia since numerous universities are set in Morelia. In addition, every year the international film festival and various music festivals take place, enticing people from all over the world to take a dip into the splendor of Morelia such as traditional craftwork, opulent churches and cathedrals and enjoying the shade and comfort of shady plazas while sipping Mexican coffees at the many local coffee bars.

Many things have occurred. As a consequence, the government has set a lot of security measures such as metal detectors, surveillance, and in some cases the presence of the army. A few years ago, the president’s government arrested some government officials because they were linked with a number of drug dealers. Being a problem in the whole country, corruption is the main cause of this situation.

All in all, Morelia has undergone deplorable moments, in like manner, the abuse of mafia is increasing on a daily basis; however not everything is dark. Even though violence has increased in the streets in Morelia, the buildings in the world heritage baroque style have not been damaged; maintaining the interest of tourists to visit Morelia still. In like manner, as opposed to the fee asked to many renowned businesses in Morelia, lately, the government has launched many social programmes in order that people can start running their own business. Finally, corruption is a controversial topic present in Morelia as well as bureaucracy, caused by the violence originated with the permission given by the government to these criminal groups to harm common peace. Nevertheless, Morelians have raised their voice looking forward to ending with these hamstrung situations, Thus we recommend tourists not to heed false rumors; on the contrary, decide to travel to Morelia.


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