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June 27, 2011 at 1:51 pm (Uncategorized)

“The story of a sign” by Francisco J. Álvarez Suárez

Aimed at representing us what being blind feels like, we situate ourselves back to the values of assistance. Seeking a different approach to these circumstances, the executive performs an unexpected role.

An excellent film will take us out of the globe to make us comprehend the message it has. I felt like home with the scenario but I thought I needed less noise in the film in order to listen to the background music properly.

The film develops on a typical Mexican street. It is filmed with a sepia style which I find accurate in order to draw up our attention. At some level, the film is kind of silent movie; that characteristic makes it fascinating. I’ve always liked better silent movies because of the moral they transmit. Beyond words, an action will always have more impact.

I’d have to give two thumbs up to the story because at the end I was reduced to tears and it also made me experience mixed feelings such: anger, sadness and joy at the end. I felt empathy with the director because it made me understand blind people different.

The plot could have been better though. I didn’t like that the purpose of helping the old guy was receiving more money. That pictured the old way like a senseless person whose happiness bases on how much money he receives.

I invite the readers to see this film because it has a fine storyline. It will be more appropriate if they communicate how they felt when they saw it.

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  1. I can do this said,

    Thanks for leaving the URL for the film, this way your readers will be able to enjoy your review even more. I hope you continue to write, since you do so eloquently say what you have to say. I have enjoyed working with you this semester. Ellen

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